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Many Meetings: World Fantasy 2011

Doesn’t this sound like I’m describing a bizarre dream? I mean the kind you have at night, when you’re sleeping. Doesn’t this sound like one? I’m walking and walking, but I can’t get anywhere. I can see the building I’m … Continue reading


“It was getting very late when we came to a certain house that was not at all like the others on its block.” –from “Boo,” by Richard Laymon   October is in the chair, as Neil Gaiman might say — … Continue reading

Reading and the Full Corn Moon

There’s an enormous yellow moon hanging outside my place tonight. The crickets are shrilling in the bushes, and the lone streetlamp in my dark little street is flickering insanely, about to give up the ghost. An inside source tells me … Continue reading

Earth-Rim Walkers and Those Who Love Them

I find it gratifying and delightful that our oldest existing story native to English — the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf — is unabashedly a monster story. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s generally dated to the eighth century, which means it has … Continue reading