Monthly Archives: June 2009

Bright Regent of the Heavens

In case you missed it, our friend SwordLily shared with us this enchanting, original poem of hers in a comment on the last posting: Midsummer Night Under a silver moon Heat sings the ground alive Fey dance in rainbow shadows Winter is only a … Continue reading

Something Like a Dragon

By grace, 2,015 words written on the new book today! Whenever I throw word counts around, it’s not my intention to boast. And sheer numbers of words, of course, mean nothing: enough monkeys with enough typewriters could bang out an … Continue reading

Where the Corn Was Spilled

That title will make sense by the time we’ve come to the end of this entry. I’m going to quote first here from a wonderful comment that came into the blog today from Shieldmaiden. (You should definitely go back to … Continue reading