For Teachers

Classroom Discussion Guide for The Star Shard


To Educators: The Star Shard is a Middle Grade Fantasy novel for readers of approximately 10-14 years of age. In addition to its entertainment value as an atmospheric and engaging adventure, it tackles the issue of slavery and explores the nature of freedom as well as the qualities of loyalty, friendship, resolve, resourcefulness, and courage; and it lends itself to a consideration of being true to the self and using one’s gifts.

This study guide is designed to help young readers draw the greatest benefit from the book. It provides, for each chapter, a set of questions that check comprehension, provoke thought, and urge discussion. Additionally, every section suggests an essay topic that may be used as a writing assignment.

Teaching Goals: By the use of novel-length Story, to lead students through an examination of character qualities, cause and effect, the process of learning and growing, and the power and beauty of language; to inspire readers to think and to develop their own writing skills.


Chapter 1: Moonpine Blue

Chapter 2: The Urrmsh

 Chapter 3: Out of the Night and the Wild

 Chapter 4: The Peace Offering

 Chapter 5: Cymbril’s Discovery

[More to come soon!]