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The Piper in the Woods

“This is the night of revelation. This is the night the dolls wake. This is the night of the dreamer in the attic. This is the night of the piper in the woods.” — Steven Millhauser in Enchanted Night Spring … Continue reading

Bright Regent of the Heavens

In case you missed it, our friend SwordLily shared with us this enchanting, original poem of hers in a comment on the last posting: Midsummer Night Under a silver moon Heat sings the ground alive Fey dance in rainbow shadows Winter is only a … Continue reading

Light and the Writer

This is a quintessential summer night. The moon is just past full, and my electric fan is humming away, and I’m sticking to everything I touch. This is the sort of night for reading Millhauser’s Enchanted Night — just reminding … Continue reading