Monthly Archives: May 2008

DRAGONFLY: The Commentary Track

Dragonfly was conceived and written on two continents, on opposite sides of the world. Come along with me on the official fan tour of historic locations relating to the book! What you’re looking at here is one of two “Birthplaces of Dragonfly.” This … Continue reading


When C. S. Lewis was beginning to make the transition from unbelief to belief in Christianity, reportedly one of the primary avenues for him was the mythological connection. Lewis found Biblical stories irritating in what they asked listeners to accept … Continue reading

Madeleine Stories

Today my editor and I were swapping our Madeleine L’Engle stories, and it occurs to me this is something worth blogging about. I met Madeleine on three different occasions. The first two were at the Blooming Grove Writers’ Conferences in … Continue reading