Chapter 4: The Peace Offering

Chapter 4: The Peace Offering

1. Why is Cymbril surprised to see Loric wearing an iron collar?

2. Near the top of page 37, why do you think the block wardens count all the servants?

3. What kinds of people are in Highcircle? Can you give three specific examples?

4. What do the Curdlebree sisters do to the pincushions Cymbril is carrying? Why do they do it?

5. Cymbril is sometimes called “The Thrush of the Thunder Rake.” She’s nicknamed after a bird because she sings beautifully. If you were nicknamed after an animal (“The [Animal] of [Place]”), what would it be, and why?

6. Does Cymbril like to sing? Can you give some examples from this chapter of what singing is like for her?

7. On page 43, why do you think it bothers Cymbril that Loric might think she’s a merchant’s daughter?

8. By the end of the chapter, how does Cymbril feel toward the Curdlebree sisters? Why?

9. If Byrni were talking about your classroom, what might he say? Please write four sentences for him — or one very, very long sentence.

10. Cymbril tries to be helpful in this chapter. What goes wrong? What do you think was the problem with Cymbril’s plan?

Essay Idea: Have you ever had a great idea that turned out to be not so great? Have you ever tried to do something that turned out to be a disaster? Write about it! Take the reader into the scene with good details!