Chapter 3: Out of the Night and the Wild

Chapter 3: Out of the Night and the Wild

1. Why does Cymbril hide her hair when she’s spying on the merchants?

2. What does Brigit look like? How does she act? Do you like her? Why or why not?

3. How does Master Rombol act toward Brigit? Why do you think he behaves this way?

4. Who is Loric? Where did he come from, and how is he dressed?

5. Why does Rombol want to buy Loric?

6. At the bottom of page 33, Brigit calls the wild lands “Wolfhome.” If you had to name your town or city “[Something]home,” what would you put in place of “Something”?

7. Verbs are words that express actions. Please pick out a verb from this chapter that you think does an especially good job of showing an action. What is it? Can you make another, different sentence using the same verb?

8. Would you rather live aboard the Thunder Rake (but not as a slave) or be one of the riders who accompany Brigit? Explain your answer.

Essay Idea: Imagine that one day, Loric joined your class as a new student. He wore clothes like everyone else, but you could tell he was different. How would he answer the teacher’s questions? How would he speak with the other class members? Would he be popular, or would he have trouble fitting in? Write a scene that shows it! Remember to include spoken lines, using quotation marks.