Chapter 1: Moonpine Blue

Chapter 1: Moonpine Blue

1. Describe the place where Cymbril lives. What would you like about living on board the Thunder Rake? What do you think might be hard about life there?

2. Tell about Cymbril’s feelings as the Rake’s journey is about to begin. Is she happy, sad, or something else? Explain your answer.

3. What does Master Rombol mean on page 7 when he says the land belongs to the merchants, not to the King?

4. Why does Cymbril hide from the two ladies in the corridor?

5. Why does Cymbril decide to scream loudly on page 10?

6. What consequences does her scream have? How do you think Cymbril feels about that?

7. What does “auspicious” mean (page 12)? Why isn’t the journey’s beginning very auspicious?

8. Choose one vivid detail from this chapter: something you can see, hear, smell, or feel. What is it? Would you like to try drawing it on paper? Why or why not?

9. If you lived on the Thunder Rake, what would your role be? Would you be a merchant, a cook, a crafter, a guard, or something else? Imagine your tasks or duties and where you would fit into the life of Rombol’s rolling city. Also, what would your name be? The same as it is now, or different?

Essay Idea: Write about a time you¬†began¬†something. Was it a trip? A new school year? Life in a new home? Getting a new pet? Joining a club? Meeting a new friend? How did you feel? Remember to include details — things for the reader to see, hear, feel, or possibly even taste or smell!